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Shotgun Microphones:

Shotgun microphones are a type of microphone that is designed for long-distance sound pickup. They are also known as "interview microphones" or "shotgun microphones" for short. Shotgun microphones are often used in film and television production to capture dialogue and sound effects from a distance. They are also used in other applications where sound needs to be captured from a distance, such as news gathering and sports broadcasting.

Shotgun microphones work by using a long, narrow shape and directional pickup pattern to focus on sound coming from a specific direction. This allows them to capture sound from a distance and reject sound coming from other directions, reducing background noise and other distractions.

Shotgun microphones are available in a range of sizes and shapes, with some models designed to be mounted on a camera or other portable device, and others designed to be used on a stand or boom. They are often used in conjunction with a wind jammer or other wind protection device to reduce wind noise and other environmental sounds.

Despite their effectiveness at long-distance sound pickup, shotgun microphones are generally not as versatile as other types of microphones, as they are less effective at capturing sound coming from a wide range of directions. They are also more expensive than some other types of microphones, due in part to the precision required in their manufacture. However, they are an essential tool in many professional audio applications and are widely used in film and television production, news gathering, and other applications where the long-distance sound pickup is important.

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